Percussion extraordinaire Ron Hardy will lead the implementation of all programs. He has a long history in both teaching and music. For the last 20 years, he has used his musical talent and expertize to inspire under-served urban youth in Northwest Louisiana. His efforts have been rewarded on several occasions by the state as well as the local arts council. 



Along with helping one's ability to learn and their comprehension, our therapeutic services assist with physical rehabilitation. The use of drums and percussions can further assist when implemented with one's prescribed physical therapy. Our programs inspire creative learning development and rehabilitation.



While educational, this hands-on program is fun and emphasizes creativity. Through exploring instrument origins, distinctive sounds, and basic drumming techniques, children learn how music and rhythm affect our daily lives. This is the perfect program for schools, church groups and after school programs.



This program offers a creative approach to helping clients with stress reduction and creative relaxation. We have also put an emphasis on developing communication and team working skills. This is the ultimate stress reduction activity that any employer can provide for their team of workers.