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music services FOR EVERYONE

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Music is for Everyone is going across the United States while filming a documentary film on American Drum Circle Culture. Visit our campaign page here to donate and learn more about our initiative. 


We enhance people's lives through music. In addition to improving cognitive skills, our therapeutic and educational music programs promote healing, stress relief, and physical and mental self-awareness.

Our programs feature percussion instruments, because they are easy to engage and require no prior musical training. All programs are fun, creative and cause a sense of euphoria for participants. 



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Music releases endorphins that provide feelings of happiness and energy. All of our programs are designed to increase IQ performance, enhance spatial reasoning and inspire creative development. Playing helps organize the firing patterns of the cerebral cortex strengthening creativity and spatial temporal reasoning. In addition, learning through music builds communication and listening skills, enhances abstract thinking and improves memory.


Linda Harris, CEO and Founder