Therapeutic program

Music Therapy: A modern and creative approach to healing

A therapeutic program for seniors, disabled, learning disorders and physical rehabilitation patients.

This program offers a creative approach to helping clients with hand-eye coordination, cognitive skills, motor skills, as well as range of motion. In addition, our sessions help build listening and communication skills.

In addition to releasing endorphins that provide feeling of happiness and energy, music helps organize the firing patterns in the cerebral cortex, strengthening creativity and spatial temporal reasoning. Learning through music can build listening skill, enhance abstract thinking, and improve memory.


Each session lasts 45min to 1 hour, and individual as well as group sessions are available. The initial group introductory session can accommodate up to 40 individuals. Thereafter, group sessions will be limited to 10 individuals per session, in order to deliver better quality and maximize the benefits for individual participants. We will consult with each individual's care giver and therapeutic team advisers to ensure that each patient's needs are addressed and met.

This is a hands on activity, in which percussion instruments and hand drums are used because they are easy to engage. No previous training or experience is requires.We will provide all the drums and percussion instruments needed for this activity.