Corporate Retreats

& Drum Circles

Creative relaxation and team building away from your desk


A therapeutic program for individuals working in corporate environments and high stress professions.

With an emphasis on developing team working skills, we present the corporate world with a creative approach to stress reduction and creative relaxation. The program is designed to provide clients with a sense of euphoria and accomplishment at the end of every session. This is the ultimate stress reduction activity that any employer can provide for their team of workers. 

In addition to releasing endorphins that provide feeling of happiness and energy, music helps organize the firing patterns in the cerebral cortex, strengthening creativity and spatial temporal reasoning. Learning through music can build listening skill, enhance abstract thinking, and improve memory.   


We offer tailored sessions, designed to fit the needs of your company. Initial introductory sessions can accommodate up to 40 individuals. Thereafter, group sessions can be sized down depending on the number of participants. We look forward to consulting with your company representative to design a package that addresses and meets your specific needs.

This is a hands on activity, in which percussion instruments and hand drums are used. No previous training or experience in playing is required, and all instruments are provided for the sessions.     Send any enquiries to, or click below to our bookings page.